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Regattas – Team Building

Team Building Regattas

Enjoy an authentic Team Building sailing experience with South Olé Sails.
Our company offers an alternative Team Building experience by using sailing and and life on the sea as a way to motivate and teach how to work in groups. With our sailing and teaching team of pros, we offer group regattas. The regattas include sailing concepts, experience onboard boats as a team, problem solving situations, decision making, group communication, efficiency and interpersonal motivation with your team.

This activity will be a corporate regatta with several sailboats, where teamwork will be fundamental to win the competition. The type of sailboat we´ll use in the regatta will be the Bénéteau Oceanis 351, a high-quality sailboat.

For this regatta, we´ll use a progressive time-structured series of activities, starting with a brief introduction. This is followed by a theorical explanation of the components, showing them basic sailing concepts, which will be very helpful during the regatta.

During this first phase the teams will meet their skippers, who will be pleased to help them during the activity. Next, we will hold a trial regatta to check what the teams have learned. This allows a first impression of the boat and the rest of the group. After that, we´ll have a group lunch where everybody will explain how they felt during the first test, their thoughts and questions.

Once we finish lunch, we´ll hold the official regatta. It will last about 3 hours.
Finally, we will celebrate a prize ceremony and general summary of how the activity went for the different teams.

Activity development:

09:30 → 10:00 Opening session – Introduction
10:00 → 11:00 Group session
11:00 → 11:30 First meeting with the skippers
11:30 → 13:00 Maneuvers and trial regatta
13:15 → 13:30 Feedback
13:15 → 14:50 Lunch
15:00 → 15:15 Meeting the skippers
15:15 → 18:15 Regatta
18:15 → 19:00 Awards
19:00 → 20:00 Final debriefing