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Meet The Team

South Olé Sails is more than just a business; it’s a family-run venture inspired by the adventurous spirits and passion for sailing of its founders, Jorge Villamizar and Emily Matthews.

Jorge is a Professional Skipper of Pleasure Boats and teaches theory and practical classes. His journey traces back to his childhood in Venezuela. Indeed, sailing is more than a hobby for Jorge; beyond his early love for swimming in the sea and learning various watersports as a child, it’s a family legacy. His grandfather’s daring voyage from Spain to Venezuela, seeking refuge from Franco’s dictatorship, stood as a testament to this. This rich family history is not just a story of the past but a living inspiration that fuels Jorge’s passion for sailing and the nautical world.

Emily, meanwhile, is the daughter of an American missionary. She moved to Spain at 13, where her passion for the sea and sailing blossomed. Her love for the ocean was so profound that she built her life around it. South Ole Sails was born after the pair fell in love, married, and started a family in Estepona on the beautiful Andalucian Coast.

Emily is PER qualified and you will see her in the office when you come to book your course or your boat trip!

Beginning with a single boat in 2015, our commitment to quality service has fostered a loyal customer base that keeps coming back, leading us to greatly expand our fleet and capabilities to serve our guests. Today, our diverse fleet includes an array of vessels, from sailing boats and speedboats to yachts and jet skis, catering to a wide range of maritime interests.

Moreover, our growth led to South Olé Sails becoming an officially recognized “homologado” school under the Instituto Andaluz del Deporte 4, where we offer a range of courses encompassing both theory and practice.