Jet Ski & Boat Rental and Sailing Classes, Estepona and Marbella

Sailing Club

Your sailing Club in Estepona

Sailing Club

Turn the motor off and unfurl the sails!

The best way to learn to sail!

Practice sailing

Whether you have a license or not, we will take you out to catch the wind, trim the sails and turn off the motor. Sail with a professiona instructor and a group that loves sailing as much as you!

Outings all year

We go sailing from January to December during the week and on the weekends. Our sailboat is in the Port of Estepona.

Enjoy the advantages of being a member

When you become a member of the sailing club, you have the possibility to also join the crew list in summer, go on regattas, voyages and join the boat club.

“Ningún mar tranquilo hizo experto a un marinero”

La importancia de salir a navegar

How does it work?

One outing each month

For a one-time payment, you get a 4-hour sail each month for 6 months.


  • €300 club registration fee
  • €300 each 6 months


  • Be 16 years old or older
  • Be up to date with club payments