Boat Club Membership

waves in the wake of our speedboat

Year-Round Access to Our Boat In Estepona Port

Membership of our boat club allows you to use our Quicksilver 555 sailing boat in Estepona as if it were yours!

It’s been proven that your typical boat owner only goes sailing about 30 days a year, whereas, with our boat club membership, you can enjoy our powerboat whenever the mood strikes, without the hassles of ownership, mooring fees, and eliminating maintenance worries.


Benefits of Our Boat Club Membership

Our Boat Club in Estepona is the most logical and cost-effective way to enjoy boating. It’s all advantages and no disadvantages; with a comfortable and inexpensive monthly subscription to a QUICKSILVER 555 boat, you will enjoy the following:

Take Our Powerboat out whenever you choose

If you have a 6-meter boat license or more, you can drive our Quicksilver 555 motorboat independently.

Mooring in the Port of Estepona

The boat will always be available in the charming port of Estepona, situated on the Costa del Sol close to the Strait of Gibraltar.


While boating, rest assured that you are fully covered with insurance.

Set Fee

Just one single payment to include insurance, mooring, and boat maintenance. 

Maintenance Included

As long as your membership fee is paid, we will check and maintain the boat in good condition.


What Boat Does Your Membership Entitle You to?

The Quicksilver 555, a powerboat designed for agile sea navigation, comfortably seats up to 6 passengers. It features a top-notch sound system suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, enhancing your journey. Equipped with essential navigational tools like GPS, a plotter, VHF radio, and electronic charts, it promises a seamless and secure trip. 

This 5.55-meter-long vessel is powered by an 80Cv Mercury outboard motor, blending speed and stability for an exhilarating yet smooth boating experience.

Requirements & Conditions

You must have at least a 6-meter license

Our boat requires you to have a boat license. If you don’t have one, we are an official Spanish school and can give you the proper course to obtain one.

Membership Fee

You will also pay a one-time €300 fee that allows you access to our sailing club.

Security Deposit

Each member must leave a €500 security deposit for any damage to the boat.


  • Outings are non-transferable to anyone who is not a registered club member, even if they are family or friends.
  • The boat must always return to the base port at the end of the outing (Puerto Deportivo de Estepona, pier 4)
  • Fuel and cleaning are not included. Club members must return the boat with the fuel tank full and prepare it for the next member in a timely fashion.
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