Sailing Club: Your Estepona Gateway to Sailing

Sailing on the Mediterranean.

Welcome to Your Sailing Club in Estepona

Experience the true essence of sailing at our Estepona Sailing Club. Here, we turn off the motors and let the sails take over, offering you the best way to learn and enjoy sailing.

Becoming a member of our sailing team entitles you to a 4-hour sail each month for 6 months, with the only cost being your membership fee.


Sailing Club Membership Benefits

Learn and Practice Sailing

Regardless of whether you hold a license, our club welcomes you to embrace the wind, trim the sails, and experience sailing at its finest. Sail alongside a professional instructor and a group of sailing enthusiasts who share your passion. It’s the perfect opportunity to improve your skills and deepen your love for sailing.

Year-Round Sailing Adventures

We offer sailing outings throughout the year, from January to December, during weekdays and weekends. Our beautiful sailboat docked in the Port of Estepona, is ready for your next adventure whenever you are.

More than Just Sailing

As a member of our sailing club, you gain access to a plethora of benefits. This includes the opportunity to join our summer crew list, participate in regattas, embark on voyages, and enjoy the perks of being part of our boat club.

Regular Monthly Outings

With a one-time payment, members are entitled to a 4-hour sail each month for six months. This regular outing is a fantastic way to consistently enjoy the water and hone your sailing abilities.

Sailing Club: Your Estepona Gateway to Sailing

Membership Fees and Requirements

  • Club Registration Fee: €300
  • Biannual Fee: €300 every six months
  • Age Requirement: Must be 16 years or older
  • Membership Obligations: Stay up-to-date with club payments
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