Private Motor Boat Rental: Quicksilver 755

Private Motorboat With Captain For Hire in Estepona

Enjoy a luxury private trip aboard the elegant Quicksilver 755, guided by your own private captain and departing from the harbor of Estepona on Spain’s Andalucian coast.

This exquisite vessel promises comfort and style. Revel in the refined ambiance with an outdoor sound system, setting the tone for an unforgettable journey.

With the expertise of your private captain, every moment becomes a bespoke experience tailored to your desires.


Your Charter Includes:

Glide across the waters at a leisurely 8 knots, sipping on cava or your choice of fine beverages.

Dive into the sea with paddle board and snorkeling gear, or simply relax and enjoy the high-quality sound system, customizing the soundtrack of your exquisite maritime adventure.

  • Private Captain
  • Departure from Estepona.
  • Cava, wine, beers, soft drinks
  • Paddle board
  • Fishing equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Sound system and option to connect your own music.

Activities in Estepona With your Quicksilver 755 Charter

Joining your Captain as you set sail in your rented Quicksilver 755 in Estepona, a world of enjoyable activities awaits you. 

Enjoy an enchanting quest to spot joyful dolphins dancing in their natural surroundings. Utilize the boat’s water sports gear for exhilarating activities, or take a leisurely dip in the peaceful waters for a rejuvenating experience.

The calm seas of Estepona create an ideal setting for both adventurous pursuits and tranquil relaxation, making every minute on your boat an unforgettable experience.

Super fun on a jet ski from South Ole Sails with my son for his Birthday. Nacho was a great guide and really looked after us. We’ve hired the speedboat and the sailing boat too and all wonderful experiences for the family…..highly recommended
Declan Clarke
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