Hire a Speedboat in Estepona

Take To The Sea With Our Quicksilver 555 Speedboat

The Quicksilver 555 Speedboat, with its sleek, streamlined design, is built for both speed and comfort and makes for the perfect rental to experience both thrill and serenity of racing along the Costa Del Sol from Estepona port.

Equipped with a robust 80 HP engine, ensuring a smooth and powerful sailing experience, the Quicksilver 555 is an ideal Speeboat for a relaxing day or a fishing adventure. Accommodating up to 5 people with a private Captain at the helm, or 6 persons if a member of your group has the appropriate license, this boat is the perfect vessel for bringing the whole family together for a comfortable and secure ride on the sea. 

Whether you’re looking to unwind, ride the waves, or engage in some fishing, the Quicksilver 555 offers the perfect blend of comfort and performance for your sea escapades.

QUICKSILVER-555 speedboat with a couple on board gliding across the waves.

Your Speedboat Charter Includes

This speedboat, ideal for navigating the seas with agility, accommodates up to 6 people with ease (or 5 if you require a captain). It comes equipped with a high-quality sound system for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. The boat’s navigational equipment includes GPS, a plotter, VHF radio, and electronic charts, ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

  • A private captain for the trip
  • Departure options from Estepona
  • Fuel for your journey
  • A variety of beverages (white wine, beer, cava, soft drinks)
  • Snorkeling gear for underwater exploration
  • A music system
  • Optional water activities

Speedboat Activities in Estepona

As you embrace the thrill of high-speed sailing, the Quicksilver 555 ensures a smooth and stable ride. Its advanced design and superior construction provide an unmatched sailing experience, whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a peaceful day on the water.

Sailing in Estepona with the Quicksilver 555 speedboat offers a blend of exploration and relaxation. Glide alongside Estepona’s scenic coastline, famous for its pristine beaches and lush greenery. Drop anchor near Playa del Cristo for a tranquil swim in sheltered coves. 

Families may wish to get out on the water together in a Banana Boat add-on, or treat the kids to a Donut Ring ride. For the adventurous, the boat’s speed allows for thrilling water sports like wakeboarding or waterskiing. Explore Estepona’s marina, bustling with restaurants and shops, or enjoy a serene sunset cruise, watching the town’s lights flicker to life against the dusky sky, all while lounging in the comfort of your stylish speedboat.

Bareboat Charter

Experience the adventure and thrill of our Quicksilver 555 Speeboat on your own private charter without a Captain to guide you.

  • €250 2 hours
  • €450 4 hours

VAT, gas not included & 700€ security deposit required.

Necessary to present a credit card, physical license, and ID at the time of rental.

Fill in our contact form here to request a bareboat charter of our Quicksilver 555 boat. 

We come here every year and they never let us down! Again an awesome experience with a very good service. We were very lucky to have such a cool instructor as Ana, she was very kind and helpful. I would definitely recommend South Olé Sails. See you next year! :)
Maxime De Bie
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