Team Building Regattas In Estepona

Luxury Sailboat Hire: Bénéteau Oceanis 411

Team Building Sailing Experience With South Ole Sails

Welcome to our Team Building Regattas in Estepona, where we combine the thrill of sailing with the vital skills of teamwork and group dynamics. 

Join us for group regattas led by our professional sailing and teaching team. These regattas are not just about sailing; they are immersive experiences that involve working onboard as a cohesive unit, tackling problem-solving situations, making decisions, and communicating effectively. Through these activities, your team will learn about efficiency and interpersonal motivation, all while navigating the beautiful waters of Estepona. 

Experience the true essence of teamwork with an exciting blend of practical sailing concepts and team-building exercises.


Corporate Team Building Exercises on the Sea

This event is a corporate regatta featuring multiple sailboats, where effective teamwork is key to winning. We’ll be sailing on the high-quality Bénéteau Oceanis 351, an excellent choice for competitive sailing.

The regatta will unfold in a time-structured sequence, beginning with an introductory briefing. This is followed by a theoretical session on sailing basics, equipping participants with essential knowledge for the competition.

Teams will then be introduced to their skippers, who are eager to assist throughout the event. A practice regatta is up next, allowing teams to get a feel for the sailboat and their group dynamics. Post-practice, a group lunch provides an opportunity for reflection and discussion about the initial experience.

After lunch, the official regatta takes place, spanning approximately 3 hours. The event concludes with a prize ceremony and a debriefing, celebrating the achievements and experiences of all the teams.


Our Estepona Regatta Itinerary

09:30 → 10:00 Opening session – Introduction

10:00 → 11:00 Group session

11:00 → 11:30 First meeting with the skippers

11:30 → 13:00 Maneuvers and trial regatta

13:15 → 13:30 Feedback

13:15 → 14:50 Lunch

15:00 → 15:15 Meeting the skippers

15:15 → 18:15 Regatta

18:15 → 19:00 Awards

19:00 → 20:00 Final debriefing


Customizable Corporate Regatta Experiences

We understand that every business and corporation has unique needs and objectives for their team building events. That’s why we specialize in creating customizable regatta experiences, meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements of your team. 

Whether it’s focusing on leadership skills, enhancing communication, or simply fostering a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie, we can adapt the format, activities, and challenges of our regattas to align with your company’s goals. 

Our flexibility allows us to design an event that not only provides an engaging and enjoyable experience but also delivers tangible team-building outcomes. 

Bring your team to us, and let’s craft a regatta experience that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your corporate objectives and team dynamics.

Very professional staff, let you leave your belongings in the office and are very helpful. Angel was my instructor we went out for an hour and half and it was the highlight off my holiday, he was more than happy to take my pictures would leave 10 stars if possible
George Nayler
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