Enhanced PER Qualification For Boats Up To 24 Meters

prospective sailors at their desks taking the pnb exam in Estepona

24 Hour Regulatory Navigation Practices Course

For those looking to expand their nautical horizons, the Enhanced PER (Recreational Boat Master) offers the perfect solution. 

Specifically designed for individuals who already hold the PER certification, this 24-hour course will see you sail from Estepona to the Balearic Islands and result in you obtaining the Enhanced Per Qualification without the need for an exam.


24 Hour Enhanced PER Qualification Course Overview

The primary objective of this advanced training is to authorize skippers to command boats up to 24 meters in length. 

This significant increase from the standard PER limit not only enhances the range of vessels you can captain but also opens the doors to longer journeys and some of the most enchanting sailing destinations, such as the Balearic Islands that we will visit on this course.


Practical Training: A 24-Hour Journey From Estepona to the Balearic Islands

The core of this course is a 24-hour continuous motorized practice. This hands-on experience is essential in equipping you with the skills and confidence required to safely navigate larger vessels. 

During this intensive training, you’ll remain on the boat for the entire duration, immersing yourself in the practical aspects of maritime navigation.

To ensure your well-being and maximize learning, the course incorporates a 2-hour break in either Ceuta or Málaga, depending on the prevailing wind conditions. This break is a crucial part of the training, providing time for rest and reflection on the experience thus far.

Upon successful completion of this course, your boating horizons will dramatically expand. Not only will you be qualified to captain larger vessels, but your navigational range will also extend. 


Course Fees and No Exam Requirement

The Enhanced PER Obligatory Sailing Practical Course is priced at €300. 

Additionally, there is no additional examination required. Your participation and completion of the 24-hour practical training are sufficient for qualification, making this an accessible and straightforward path to expanding your boating credentials.



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