Practical Sailing Course in Estepona

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Practice or Refine Your Sailing Skills with a Professional

Welcome to our Practical Sailing Course in Estepona, designed for both aspiring sailors and seasoned mariners. 

This course spans a comprehensive 16 hours of hands-on training conducted aboard our splendid Beneteau Oceanis 351. Whether you’re looking to begin your sailing journey or refine your existing skills, our course is tailored to provide a deep understanding of sailing techniques and sea navigation. 

Set sail with us and embark on a journey that not only teaches but inspires a lifelong passion for sailing.


Practical Sailing Course Structure and Schedule

Our Sailing Practical Course is meticulously structured to maximize learning and hands-on experience. 

Each course consists of two outings (typically scheduled over consecutive days), each lasting 8 hours, providing ample time for in-depth instruction and practice.  

We offer these courses frequently, accommodating various schedules and availability of our students. Specific dates and times are provided upon inquiry, allowing you to plan and prepare effectively. 


What You Will Learn

In our Practical Sailing Course, you’ll learn crucial skills essential for any sailor. 

The course covers sail preparation, teaching you how to set up sails for varying conditions correctly. You’ll learn to choose the correct heading, master the art of trimming sails for optimal performance, and practice tacking techniques. 

Additionally, we focus on developing quick reaction skills vital for sea navigation. This comprehensive training prepares you for a range of sailing conditions and equips you for longer voyages, ensuring you’re ready to confidently handle a sailboat in various scenarios and embark on your own sailing adventures.


Certification and Sailing License

Upon successful completion of our Practical Sailing Course, you will receive an official Spanish certificate acknowledging your participation and proficiency. 

This certificate is a crucial step towards obtaining your full government-issued sailing license. To complete the process, you’ll need to pass the approved theory exam portion. Our course is designed to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge that form the foundation for this theory exam, ensuring you are well-prepared. The combination of our practical training and your theoretical knowledge will fully equip you to navigate the waters confidently and competently.

You can see our dedicated page here for more information about our theory class.


How Much Does Our Sailing Preparation Course Cost?

This practical course is available for just €200.

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