Get Your PNB Sailing Certificate in Estepona

sailing school photo taken from inside the boat where captain is sharing instructions with student.

Theory and Practical Courses for the Basic Navigation Pattern License

South Ole Sails in Estepona provides everything you need to achieve your PNB Certificate. We provide classes to prepare you for both the Theory and Practical elements and will enroll you in the Official exam by Junta de Andalucíawhich is also delivered in our office.


Introduction to PNB Certification

The Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) is a nautical certification that enables you to captain a pleasure boat with more capabilities and knowledge than the Navigation License offers without prior experience. It’s an ideal starting point for those looking to enhance their boating skills.


Components of Our Complete PNB Certification Course

This course lasts 20 hours, 2 hours per week, and allows you to captain:

  • Nautical motorcycles (jet skis) of any power.
  • Motorboats up to 8 meters in length.
  • Sailing boats up to 8 meters provided you complete additional sailing practices.
  • Sailing Conditions and Limitations with PNB

You can sail up to a maximum distance of 5 miles from any port, marina, or place of shelter, both during the day and at night.


Practical PNB Training

Practical courses for Basic Navigation Skipper last 12 hours (8 sailing and 4 hours on radio), and they will be done in our official boats.


Requirements To Sit The PNB Exam

  • You need to be over 18 years old (or 16 years old with parental permission)
  • Radiocommunication course (2 theory lessons+ 2 practice lessons)
  • 8 hours sailing practice
  • Official exam by Junta de Andalucía
  • Psycho-physical exam


PNB Course Pricing

Complete PNB Course: €470

PNB Theory Only: €320

PNB Practical Only: €150

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