PNB & PER Online Theory Course

pnb and per sailing qualifications offered at our sailing school in Estepona

Prepare for PER and PNB Written Exams with our Online Course

We are proud to present our Online Theoretical Course for PER (Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo – Recreational Boat Skipper ) and PNB (Patrón para la Navegación Básica – Basic Navigation Skipper), the perfect way to prepare for the written examinations on your way to becoming a licensed sailor.

Delivered entirely online, this course offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to study at your own pace. With detailed lessons, interactive materials, and expert support, our course covers all theoretical aspects necessary for the PER and PNB certifications. 

Whether you’re starting your nautical journey or looking to expand your maritime expertise, our online course is the perfect stepping stone to achieving your sailing aspirations.


What is Included in our Online PER and PNB Theory Course?

  • 40-hour online course through the Internet
  • Support book
  • Nautical charts
  • Nautical plotter
  • Compass
  • Support via email and WhatsApp


Our comprehensive online PER and PNB course is a meticulously designed program that includes a 40-hour course accessible via the Internet. 

To enhance your learning experience, we provide a support book that complements the online material. The course also includes nautical charts and a nautical plotter to aid in practical understanding. A compass, an essential navigation tool, is also part of the package. 

Additionally, we offer support through email and WhatsApp, ensuring you have direct access to assistance whenever needed. This well-rounded course is crafted to provide you with a thorough understanding of nautical concepts and navigation skills.

Does Not Include:

Private classes*

*Private classes can be hired individually, as needed for study reinforcement.


The PER certification allows you to:

  • Operate boats up to 15 meters in length (24 meters with additional PER practice).
  • Sail up to 12 miles from the coast.
  • Operate all types of jet skis.


The PNB certification allows you to:

  • Operate boats up to 8 meters in length
  • Sail up to 5 miles from the coast.
  • Operate all types of jet skis


PER and PNB Practical Courses

Practical sailing courses are a requirement to achieving your final qualification. If you would like to take the next step and take these classes, then we invite you to take them with us at our sailing school in Estepona. Alternatively, our experts can help you to find another nautical school in your preferred area.


Prices for PNB and PER online courses









*minimum 2 hours per session


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