Become A Titulin Qualified Sailor

Family with their sailing certificates earned at our sailing school in Estepona

Take Our 1 Day Course in Estepona

Get your sailing license in Estepona with just 4 hours ofpractice and 2 hours of theory lessons in one day, WITHOUT AN EXAM. You will be able to captain boats up to 6 meters (both motor and sail) 2 miles from the coast and all jet skis (55CV)

You will receive your license right at the end of the course.


What Your 1-Day Sailing License Entitles You To

The “Titulín” is an informal name in Spain for the “Licencia de Navegación” (Navigation License), a basic nautical qualification. It’s important to note that “Titulín” is not an official term but rather a conversational way to refer to this entry-level license. The Licencia de Navegación allows individuals to:

  • Operate Smaller Boats: It permits the handling of boats up to 6 meters in length during daylight hours.
  • Limited Distance from the Coast: It allows sailing within a maximum distance of 2 nautical miles from a shelter or coast.
  • Operate Basic Watercraft: This includes small sailboats (up to 6 meters) and nautical motorcycles (jet skis) without a power limit, but usage is restricted to daylight hours.
  • No Professional Use: The license is strictly for recreational purposes and does not qualify the holder for professional boating activities.
  • Training and Examination: To obtain this license, a short training course (usually around 6 hours) focusing on basic safety and operation is required. There is no examination for the Licencia de Navegación.

This license is suitable for beginners in recreational boating, providing them with the necessary skills to enjoy water activities close to the shore safely.


2-Hour Theory Course (No Exam)

The “Titulín” course includes a 2-hour theoretical segment designed to provide foundational knowledge of boating and safety on the water. 

This concise yet comprehensive module covers essential topics such as basic navigation principles, safety procedures, maritime regulations, and environmental stewardship. The focus is on practical understanding and responsible boating practices.


4-Hours of Practice on the Sea

The practical component of the “Titulín” course involves 4 hours of hands-on experience at Sea. 

This session is crucial for applying the theoretical knowledge gained earlier. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants will learn boat handling, safety maneuvers, and basic navigation skills. 

These sea practices are conducted in a controlled and safe environment, ensuring participants gain confidence and competence in boat handling. 


Titulin Course Costs

Theory & Practical: €120

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